April the 22nd, 2006... Today is Saturday !
 Number-one song in the charts today

In the USA:

"Bad Day"
by Daniel Powter

In the UK:
by Gnarls Barkley
 TIME Magazine cover this week

TIME Magazine: Dropout Nation

(TIME Cover: April the 17th, 2006)

 Famous people born on the 22nd of April:

1451 - Queen Isabella of Castile and Leon (d. 1504)
1610 - Pope Alexander VIII (d. 1691)
1724 - Immanuel Kant, German philosopher (d. 1804)
1766 - Madame de StaŽl, French author (d. 1817)
1870 (N.S.) - Vladimir Lenin, Russian revolutionary (d. 1924)
1899 - Vladimir Nabokov, Russian writer (d. 1977)
1916 - Yehudi Menuhin, American-born violinist (d. 1999)
1937 - Jack Nicholson, American actor
1971 - Daisuke Enomoto, first Japanese space tourist

 The Nobel Prize in Literature 2006

Orhan Pamuk

who in the quest for the melancholic soul of his native city has discovered new symbols for the clash and interlacing of cultures



Designed in 2006

The Zanotta veryround seat
by Louise Campbell

Rolling Stone Magazine cover

Kiefer Sutherland / Rolling Stone Magazine Vol. 998, April 20, 2006