THE COSMOGONICON A Postmodern Cosmography by John P. Lynch, Jr. (fonte)


Cosmogony means "world creation" in Greek. The Cosmogonicon is a book about world creating. The world created is a postmodern cosmography. The postmodern era began after World War II and continues today, and a cosmography is a description of the world. Therefore, the Cosmogonicon is a description of the postmodern world, how it has come to be, and what we must do to get beyond it: create a new world.

This book is written at a level of consciousness which many may find unfamiliar. It is recommended that you read it and then reread it, as the information (which is interrelated) is spread throughout the entire book, and a second reading will make it more clear.

Also, this is not an academic text. Much of the data is glanced over because the details would distract from the author’s goal of giving the reader an expanded view of our world. But the sociological, historical, religious, political, economical, technological, gnostic, philosophical, and scientific data are available to all in a number of media. John P. Lynch, Jr.

The Age of Order

The next catastrophe also began within the megaparadigm of Knowledge. It was the institutionalization of Philosophy. Humans have always been rational and logical, but until the advent of the Philosophy greater paradigm, they had never applied it to themselves. Inexplicably, reason and logic bloomed around 500 BCE. Independent of each other, humans in China, India, and Greece started to examine the reality of the primitive civilizations and found them lacking any rationality. Confucius, Buddha, and the Greek Philosophers each used the reason and logic for different goals, but they all came up with the Doctrine of the Mean, or health and healthy behavior through moderation. There are other similarities, but none as vociferous.

In China, K’ung fu-tsu (or Confucius) used reason and logic to help repair the unraveling culture in China, which was starting to sink into the Period of Warring States, one of the worst eras in human history. In his time, China’s culture was only beginning to fray. Deliberately, K’ung fu-tsu created a new culture out of China’s mythical past put together with the new logic and reason. The new reality was based on the noble goal of educating an entire culture of chun-tsus (or gentlemen scholars) and to build a society which rewards them. The Chinese used Confucianism to rebuild their civilization after 200 years of warfare. Later, the Confucian high culture would even convert the occupying Mongols. It still survives in China and some of its satellite states.

Siddharta Gautama was a prince who left a life of luxury to search for the Truth. First, he became an ascetic and later tried Raja Yoga, but they did not work for him. He finally reasoned through the mythic gnosis of the Upanishads and attained Nirvana on his own. When asked if he was a god, he humbly stated that he was simply awake. Buddha (or the Awakened One) came up with his own path of philosophical gnosis called the Eightfold Path and went about India telling

everyone of his findings. Buddhist missionaries soon spread throughout the Eastern Hemisphere, but found success only in East Asia.

In India, the Buddhists were disrupting the accepted reality and this was not taken lightly by the warlords and priests who ruled through the caste system. After a long struggle, Buddhism was finally pushed out of India by the introduction of the Krishna and Rama myths which supported the traditional Indian memes, thus India has remained in the primitive civilization stage. Buddhism became one of India’s greatest exports though as it has survived in many forms in many cultures, from the Zen of Japan, to the mountains of Tibet, and in the mystical movements within the Western religions.

In Greece, an entire sub-culture evolved around the love of wisdom (or Philosophy). The most prominent members were Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. They reasoned through reason and formed the core of Classical Philosophy, the greater meme which has dominated Philosophy in the West ever since. They questioned reality and then questioned the questioning. Their logic and reason became an academic discipline, which soon branched out into art, politics, mathematics, geometry, and much later, into Science. With a new found optimism, the Greeks flirted with democracy, expanded markets, wrestled with religion, and boldly attempted to conquer the world under Alexander, bringing their new rationality with them.

Philosophy brought a dilemma to the primitive civilization ultraparadigms, when the philosophers discovered that the myths were not logical or rational. Socrates was put to death for questioning the accepted reality. Theology was invented to deal with this dilemma by imposing logic and reason on the myths, but there are still those who can find holes in the logic caused by trying impose order on chaos. Only certain myths would survive the imposition of logic, and the polytheistic Greek religion would not. The Greeks had always admired the logic and rationality of monotheism, but

would not accept the Zoroastrianism of their Iranian rivals. Judaism offered hope, but it is an inherited religion. Also, circumcision and the dietary laws were not to the liking of the Greeks. When the most amazing event took place, the son of a Jewish carpenter with a religious dilemma had a spontaneous gnosis which would change world history.

Yeshuah bar Yosif (or Jesus) was a poor carpenter’s son in the Judea of Roman occupation. Judaism was in a renaissance of its own with the rebuilding of the main temple in Jerusalem. Yeshuah was deeply spiritual and quite intelligent. He may have had some Qabbalic training, plus he knew a great deal about Judaism and Zoroastrianism, which was thriving over in Persia, the rival of Rome. While meditating in the desert with the Essenes (a hermit sect of Judaism), he synthesized Judaism and Zoroastrianism. This synthesis was carried on by others like Paul of Tarsus, who formed the core of Orthodox Christianity.

Finally, here was what the Greeks had been looking for. Christianity is the synthesis of both monotheisms in question, Judaism and Zoroastrianism, without any political baggage from Persia and without the familial and cultural requirements of Judaism which, like Hinduism, demands that one be born into the religion to qualify as a member. The Greeks converted to the evangelical Christianity. Later, the entire Roman Empire was forced to convert, as the logical, rational, and revealed monotheism of Christianity would become a theological triumph as other, less sophisticated religions were swept aside with the aid of a military dictatorship. The influence of Zoroastrian and Judaic ideas through Christianity (and later Islam) are felt throughout the Western cultures.

The most important idea would be individualism, which stems from the Last Judgments of all Western religions. Being responsible only to God for one’s actions changes the way one views the world. Individualism gives the ultimate authority of one’s own reality to the individual, who suddenly becomes

valuable. This radical idea allows evangelical living narrative memes to be introduced into other cultures, which spread out and bring their connected memes with them, like cultural viruses. Unfortunately, some of these memes, once dominant, revert to force and violence when threatened by the old strains, or by new ones, thus betraying the freedom which allowed them to succeed.

The other idea which came from these traditions is the divinely sanctioned separation between humans and nature. During the age of primitive civilizations, humans became separated from nature due to the fact that they no longer relied on nature for their livelihood. This separation is evident in their myths. Eventually, humans were not just separated from nature, but given the right to do with it as they please. Some truly believe that this world is not important, and that it is the next world which is truly real. One can see how the priests, warlords, and later the merchants, would take advantage of this perspective. Also during this era, there would be great devastation of nature, but nothing like what would come later.

Another spontaneous gnosis would also change the world in this era. In Arabia, a caravan master, Muhammad ibn Abdullah, was having difficulty with the dilemma of having too many living narratives to choose from. Arabia was positioned between the Christian Byzantine Empire and the Zoroastrian Persian Empire. There was also a large Jewish population, as well as the indigenous pagan Arabs. Traveling extensively, Muhammad was confronted with all of these competing ultraparadigms. In a cave in the desert, the dilemma was synthesized into Islam.

The warrior Arab tribes soon converted to Islam, and then set out to conquer the world in a holy war. They devastated the Byzantine Empire, destroyed the Persian Empire wiping out Zoroastrianism as a world religion, and conquered everything from North Africa to Central Asia. After the bloodshed, the Islamic Empire was one of the high points in

human history. Greek philosophy was reborn under Islamic theology by al-Ghazali and Jewish theology by the scholar, Maimonides. Through Islam, Greek and Roman knowledge would eventually find its way back to Europe. Islam is a separate culture, but it shares the same Semite creation myths as the other Western cultures. The Islamic Empire was the only other culture to join Confucian China and Hellenized Europe to the civilized society level, thanks to Philosophy.

The Society megaparadigm went through quite a change in this era. Sociality was dissected by philosophers and then re-arranged by Christianity and Islam. Politically, the warlords became an institution known as kings. Kingdoms warred each other endlessly during this time as well. Economics saw the spread and acceptance of the merchant class, who were able to procure some influence from the warlords and priests, and extend trade from Spain to Japan, until the Mongols came. The Mongols sacked China, India, Persia, and Arabia. Europe was spared by the timely death of a chief warlord. The separate cultures then became isolated and alone.

It would seem that the two spontaneous gnosises had more of an effect on reality than Philosophy, but it is the reverse. These two religions would not have been so successful if Philosophy had not set the stage for their appearance. Humans started to impose rationality on their world just by simply thinking about what they were doing. This pondering weakened the mythical Religion memes, which were then replaced by the more rational monotheisms and supported by theology. But Philosophy asks many questions which have no answers, only one culture would eventually seek the answers. The Greek-influenced Europeans would be the only culture to go from pondering to action. Their ultraparadigm, Modern Society, would inevitably allow them to conquer the entire world.

The Age of Curiosity

The next catastrophe within the Knowledge megaparadigm was the advent of Modern Science. Empirical Science surfaced in every other culture before it was used by the Europeans around 1500 CE. Starting in India under Asoka, a Buddhist, it then moved east to China and west to the Islamic Empire, the Byzantine Empire, and finally to Western Europe. Where-ever the idea of experiment went, it was pursued at first and then persecuted when it started to question the accepted knowledge or, worse, religion. The Protestant Europeans were questioning both when Science came to them. Finally, Science had a place to grow.

For Modern Science to flourish, it needed the logic and rationality of Philosophy to change the Society megaparadigm once again, so on a wave of scientific inquiry, the theological Western European culture was haphazardly reordered into a modern society, with its democracy, liberty, and free markets, as Greek philosophy surfaced again in Europe. This was the Enlightenment, a humanistic ultrameme, which was to replace all traditional realities. It is unlike any previous reality, as science became popular and the merchants began their ascent.

Gradually, the merchant bankers were becoming wealthy and powerful enough to exert some true power within the society, while the European kings saw an end to their power under the new constitutional monarchies, and the priests had lost face because of the way they handled Luther and Galileo. The merchants began to co-evolve with the scientists, thus granting them a certain amount of freedom. With this new found freedom, the Europeans explored and investigated the world, as long as it was profitable.

Modernity spread throughout the competing European nation-states. With the knowledge they gained from science and the accompanying technological advances, they were able to conquer the whole world. Spain, Portugal, France, England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Russia all lay claim to

the world. Such was their might that they only had to fight token wars before it was realized by the indigenous people that resistance was futile. This quick surrender saved the people as well as the natural resources which would soon be exploited. There is not one border in the world which was not created by a European state.

Colonization took place under the political paradigm of imperialism. The colonies had the ultraparadigm of the conqueror imposed on them by military and then economic force. After the bloodshed, the colony’s economy was ignored in order to set up one favoring European economic needs. This was accomplished by planting one or two exportable crops at the expense of natural ones. The railroads would then link the plantations and mining sites with the closest port. The indigenous people were of little or no concern. Also, the colonies would be governed exclusively by Europeans. No information was transferred to the indigenous people to help them run their own nation or to use the technology, thus they would stay dependent on the Europeans.

When the colonizing was complete, the European nation-states became the wealthiest nations ever, which caused an increase in the funding of science and technology, creating a self-perpetuating spiral of technological advancement and wealth accumulation. This is known as the Industrial Revolution, which made those merchants involved the wealthiest individuals ever. The merchants were now powerful enough to challenge the warlords and the priests for control of the economy and the society. Eventually, they would seize control of Politics by replacing the king with the democratic republic and gain control of the living narrative by replacing organized religion with the idea of religious freedom.

For the merchants, democratic republics are easier to control than any other form of government. First, the republic takes away the threat of the warlords, who can ruin a nation with useless wars and who are able to impose their

will through force. Second, it gives the populace the illusion that they have choices, which makes them less likely to rebel. Third, the representatives are usually from the merchant class, which means they are conveniently able to draft and enforce their own laws. Fourth, these representatives also seem to be easily bought, which gives those with great wealth an avenue to exert their will by influencing several of them at any given time.

All religions have been easily pushed aside by granting the freedom of religion to the individual and the freedom from religion to the nation by separating it from governance. These freedoms evolved out of the long and painful religious wars caused by the Protestant revolt from the Catholic Church. The solution in the American Constitution, and later almost all nation-states, was to let the individual decide which living narrative to live. The irony is that the merchants were able to suppress Western religions with the individualism meme originated by Western religions.

Once the merchants had taken economic control of the Society megaparadigm, much of the populace went from farmers to factory workers. Life was miserable and short for these workers, who were beginning to rebel. Socialism evolved as a way for the workers to take control of industry and gain the benefits of their own labor. There were many rebellions and revolutions. The Russian Empire became the Soviet Union as the Communists actually overthrew their government and set up a nation-state based solely on Economics. For the most part, the workers settled for labor unions and slowly menial labor was exported to the colonies.

The merchants helped create the imperialist system, so when they gained control of Western culture, the wealthiest merchants (or capitalists) placed themselves at the top of the imperialist pyramid, the citizens of the nation-states of Europe came next, and then the others were left to fight each other for position. Those nation-states which fail fall to the bottom. The weak nations support the lavish lifestyles of

those higher up. Along with Western Europe, the English-inhabited America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are also a part of the upper tiers. America soon found itself on top of the Europeans, since the United States embodies the Enlightenment. Japan was foresighted enough to see the benefits of exploitation instead of being exploited and joined the Europeans. The Communists of the Soviet Union tried to set up an opposing pyramid with Russia on top, but it failed.

In the Knowledge megaparadigm, Modern Science has given us so much data about our world that it will take us centuries to ponder the implications of the discoveries, such as space, evolution, relativity, quantum, Gaia, and complexity. Some of the greatest advancements in knowledge have also come from Modern Technology, from toilets to refrigerators, from steam engines to jets, from the telegraph to the television, from an automobile to a space station. Technology also aids our scientific investigations and explorations. It makes our lives easier by doing our work for us. The human ability to use and fashion tools has come a long way in a short time. The combination of science and technology coupled with rampant capitalism and nation-state competition, which allowed modernity to conquer the world, has not only given the West the best standard of living in human history, but has also impoverished the rest of the world.

Although Science dominates Knowledge in the modern society, spontaneous gnosis was not silent. Joseph Smith founded the Mormon religion in early America. He synthesized Christianity with the prevailing belief that the Native Americans were the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel and the idea that America was setting up a new Covenant with God. Baha’Ullah founded the Bahai religion in Iran. He synthesized his Shi’a Islam with Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and modern Humanism, as well as including Science. For the

most part, Gnosis was reduced to mere superstition during this era.

The Age of Chaos

All of the human cultures have had their insulated, semi-isolated evolution stopped, as modernity has brought the species together after so many years of separation. The intentions of the founders of the Enlightenment was that an enlightened, modern world would replace the repressive, ignorant traditional cultures and all would have prosperous lives. Instead, modernity was as coercive and ravenous as it was liberating. Eventually, it was made obsolete by one of its core institutions (the greater meme of Modern Science), and now, in the postmodern era, humanity has been thrown together without an ultraparadigm to connect us all as a species.

The modern Europeans have accomplished many wonderful advances in science and technology, as well as political and religious freedom. But in their conquest of the globe, they committed at least four unforgivable crimes which taints all of their achievements: (1) the hoarding of their knowledge, so as to make all the rest of humanity pay for those wonderful advances, rather than sharing them, and the economic enslavement of their colonies which resulted from this greed to support their elevated position on a skewed economic pyramid; (2) the physical enslavement of the Africans, when the Native Americans would not do; (3) the continuing genocide against the Native Americans; and (4) the continuing environmental destruction on a scale close to an asteroid strike in extinctions, pollution, and habitat destruction.

It is ironic that modernity was undermined by science, since they have been co-evolving for the last 500 years. The postmodern era began around the mid-20th century, as data from the scientific explorations and investigations began to give us a vastly different view of the material world than

was ever imagined: astronomy has placed us on a small planet in an immense universe; evolution has discovered humans to be primates and just one of the myriad inhabitants of the complex living system which grows on this small planet; and relativity and quantum physics have found the material world to be pure energy which tends to exist in void. When these findings are compared to our cultural realities, including modernity, and the assumptions which they are built on, they all become socially constructed, varying version of truth.

Humans have been quite successful and have spread out around the planet in a myriad of cultures. In the process of cultural evolution, the European ultrameme Modern Society allowed the Europeans to conquer the world and to force all of humanity together under their reality, then we discovered all realities to be relative and reified, and now we are left alone to fend for ourselves, as individuals and as a species. We can either deny the relativity of our particular cultural reality (as a fundamentalist Christian, Hindu, Modernist, etc.), face the madness of having to create our own reality, or just pretend none of this happened and continue life as usual.

The postmodern era has been dominated by the latter. Postmodern means "after the modern," but modernity has been allowed to continue because there are no alternatives, as the name implies. None of the other existing cultural realities can become the new global reality because they have become just as obsolete as modernity due to scientism and relativism, and because of the rivalry which exists between the various cultures. Also, the new awareness of our reality construction, or dereification, negates any naturally emerging reality from unconsciously succeeding modernity. In other words, we have no alternative but to consciously construct the first global ultraparadigm for the benefit of the entire species, as well as for all life. When successfully implemented, it will mark the end of the postmodern era and the beginning of the next.

None of the realities presented here is better than another, because they are all part of the natural process of human reality evolution, which was an unconscious process until just recently. The difference seems to be one of energy use. The further the realities progress, the more encompassing they become, which increases their scope and complexity, as well as the number of adherents and available resources. The primitive cultures are limited to their community or tribe; primitive civilizations consist of several communities to create a culture; civilized societies are multi-cultural cultures; modern society was the first dominant global culture, but it is the European regional reality imposed on the rest of the world through military and economic force; postmodernity is the first actual global culture, but it is a mess. The next step for human reality evolution is a global civilization, because once the process began, a global reality was inevitable, but it will have to be consciously constructed.


Collation is the act of careful examination, proper arrangement, and binding together. Reality collation is the act of careful examination of the various memes available, proper arrangement, and binding them together to create your own ultraperspective. Everyone does this act daily, but it is usually done at the unconscious level sometime after waking, and change occurs rarely. Reality reconstruction is a conscious effort, which will require careful examination of various memes used at all levels (past, present, and imagined), deciphering the most life-enhancing memes, and collating them into a viable alternative ultrameme.

The act of changing one’s perspective may occur after a significant event in one’s life or after conscious acceptance of an alternative meme. Changing an ultraparadigm would be possible after an alternative reality has been collated. If others changed their ultraperspectives to be more in tune with it, then the process has only just begun. This cultural mutation would become a minority within society. It will be a long and arduous process which could take decades or centuries to succeed in becoming the ultraparadigm of an entire culture, let alone the whole world. What is offered here is an attempt to do just that. First, the Confederation of Terra is offered here as the alternative Society megameme to the chaos of postmodernity.


We must begin with Economics, as it dominates the Society megaparadigm in the postmodern era. In a world of varied cultural memes, economics seems to be the only thing left which holds us together. The dominant greater meme in

the postmodern world is Imperialist Capitalism, since the merchants replaced the warlords and the priests as regents of the economic system as well as gaining control of the Society megameme. Its presence is felt throughout the postmodern world. Politics and Religion have been easily replaced by corporations and entertainment. The capitalist inspired Extreme Individualism greater meme dominates Sociality, as the morality of greed and selfishness has replaced cultural and individual moralities world-wide, leaving each of us alone and in competition with one another, divided and easy to control, as well as leaving a fortunate few at the pinnacle of the economic pyramid.

The economic pyramid allows a few merchants to live as gods, while those in the West are kept comfortable, at the expense of those at the bottom. Each human is worth an equal share. For some to have more than others, they have to steal shares from others. The capitalists are stealing their wealth from the bourgeois on the top of the pyramid in America, Europe, and Japan. Those people are, in turn, stealing from the proletariat in the poorer nations of the postmodern world. One quarter of the human population is malnourished, while others simply starve to death because they are born without any worth in a foundational nation-state. This is unacceptable!

The dominant culture, modernity, rides a wave of power fueled by the exploitation of humans under the economic pyramid, the gutting of the planet’s natural resources, and from the high technology this plunder funds. It is like a giant spider sucking the life out of the world, and it will eventually turn on itself when there is nothing left to devour. The planet will be a wasteland of death and pollution when it is over. The reality which has brought this debacle about needs to be replaced before it is too late.

The greed for individual wealth is not a virtuous motivation for a healthy society. A culture based on greed will eventually unravel as the cooperation which binds the

society together is torn asunder. Humans evolved as social mammals and we will become psychotic when separated from others, yet we are becoming more isolated and insulated each day. Since the advent of civilization, we are more reliant on others than ever. None of us could survive for very long without other humans. Making clothes, building and repairing machines, as well as food collection would leave little time for anything else. We need each other. We are all in this together. We must come together to create a more egalitarian distribution of the stuff of life for everyone to share in the bounty.

Egalitarian Socialism is offered as the alternative Economics greater meme to Imperialist Capitalism. Wealth and motivation have to be separated for there to be any peace in the world. Doing something for the greater good of the whole is a healthier motivation than greed. Doing something for the common good can only be accomplished if the participants have a stake in the outcome. Egalitarian Socialism would treat all humans as economic equals, or a world-wide economic fellowship. Every human adult would be paid the same wage regardless of gender, race, age, geography, social position, or vocation. There is no way to justify any other system. No human is worth more than another. A world bank would be founded which would pay everyone periodically by adding the wage to their local account. Credit cards could be utilized for purchases, or for obtaining hard currency, if necessary. This system is egalitarian by giving us all equal purchasing power, and socialist by freeing us from the burden of self-reliance.

Egalitarian Socialism also allows the good aspects of laissez-faire capitalism to work. Currency and free markets are ways in which we all decide what to do with our share. It gives us the freedom to choose from a number of products which must compete with each other. The difference is that this system does not allow any individual to profit monetarily from a group effort. Profits would be collected in

the World Bank and distributed equally throughout the world. The excess profits would be distributed to the various levels of governance throughout the world to be spent as that group sees fit. At the world level, some of the profits would be spent on global projects, such as space exploration and terraforming, and local projects, such as work projects and disaster relief. This does not mean that we would be working for the State, because we would eliminate the State.


The modern Democratic Republic is the dominant meme of the Politics greater paradigm in the postmodern era. It is, by far, the best system utilized for governance yet implemented, but we have also seen its shortcomings under the dominance of Imperialist Capitalism. Democratic Anarchy is the alternative Politics greater meme offered here. The democratic republics are the form of government which employs representatives to make decisions for the group. The democratic aspect of the modern republic is the free and open elections which decide their representative. In a true democracy there would be a free and open referendum to make decisions for the group by the group, or an anarchy, which is governing without a government.

It was next to impossible to implement an anarchy, until the advent of the computer. Representatives are now obsolete. Each one of us now has the ability to stay in touch with local, regional, and world affairs. Information is easily accessed and our votes would be cast via electronic mail. Every human would be able to vote on every issue. Democratic Anarchy is also more in tune with Egalitarian Socialism.

A universal ultraparadigm requires a singular world-wide government. The world is too small for there to be any nation-states, whose borders are obsolescent in the globalizing postmodern world. The political goal of Democratic Anarchy is that the species would be united under the Confederation of Terra, which would be comprised of

semi-autonomous cantons (or counties), like the Swiss Confederation. Switzerland is made up of four languages and three religions, yet the Swiss have lived together in peace for 500 years with their canton system. Boundaries should be based on geography, ethnicity, and language. Each canton would be responsible for governing its own affairs. There would also be a regional level to help decide disputes between cantons, and a world level.

The world level would be responsible for a common defense, a common currency, the World Bank, the World Court, and spending profits wisely. The world capitol should be located somewhere in Africa, since that is where our story began. Timbuktu would be a good choice since it is one of our oldest cities, it is also near the geographical center of Pangea, and it would be good for the officials to live in a desert climate to remind them that they live in a fragile environment.

Hierarchical leadership seems to be a human need and it is also quite efficient, so even in an anarchy there would be a need for officials. In Democratic Anarchy, they would no longer be elected by popular vote, instead they would be selected by lottery. A lottery would ensure there are no professional politicians, who seem to loose touch with their roots after spending too much time vying for power and seeking higher office. The lottery would also ensure that all people would be able to assume the role of an official if selected. Natural leaders would be able to lead without official power.

Each community, canton, and region would have a nine member Council of Elders. Each member would have to be over the age of 50 and selected by the lottery. They could serve for one year at the community level, two years at the canton level, and four years at the regional level. The world government would have a similar Council of Elders, but there would also be a chief of state, the Steward. All ten would be selected by lottery and serve for life. Each Council of

Elders will be responsible for the implementation of the voters’ decisions on how to spend their profits, as well as adjudicate civil problems. The Steward has no political power and no age requirement. The Steward is to be our conscience, as well as our advocate, guide, and protector of all life.

The major paradigm of war has changed from primitive cultures fighting amongst themselves for bragging rights, petty theft, and sometimes, bloodshed to primitive civilizations attacking and erasing the other culture, taking their land, cities, and possessions. Civilized societies would wipe out their opponent’s armies and then impose their cultural reality by terror and force. Modern Society imposed itself through economic pressure after it had conquered the world with the force of its technological military power. From the rifle to the cannon, from the tank to the bomber, from grenades to land mines, from nerve gas to nuclear bombs, from rape camps to death camps, modern warfare has become ghastly. Slowly, we have been learning how to control our violence, by continually restricting warfare and competing, instead, through sports like American Football, and to use that energy for more meaningful tasks. In the postmodern era, warfare between nation-states is strictly forbidden, so the remaining warlords must find enemies within their borders, usually the poor and defenseless, who the warlords hound, torture, and murder.

The Confederation of Terra should not need a professional soldiery, but the warlord mentality will not just fade away. It can be controlled through the discipline offered by the martial arts along with a regimented code of conduct based on honor, justice, and caring. This allows the best of physical competition between humans, especially the males, such as skill, fortitude, and courage, to surface. The Mystic Warriors would be a global organization of the martial arts instructors living in their respective communities, and summoned when needed. They would be able to compete with each other as individuals and in groups. Their hierarchical rank

system should be based on ability (combat, strategy, fitness, and experience), and they could only be summoned by the world-level Council of Elders and led by the Steward.

A prison culture is a dying culture. Prisons should be nonexistent. In the Confederation of Terra, there will be no need to steal or accumulate wealth immorally, but that will not curb human depravity. These criminals should be held and tried at the community level. Small crimes should be handled with shaming or shunning. Medium crimes can be dealt with by community service or banishing. Large crimes, such as murder and rape, could be handled with execution or castration. The Council of Elders may wish to review criminal as well as civil cases or they can use the jury system, whichever the locals decide for themselves.

Law enforcement is an extension of the warlord mentality, but there is a need for a local official who will take command when things go wrong. Each community should have a sheriff, who would act as a local Steward. The sheriff would be responsible for making sure the community stays safe. Unlike the Steward, there may be a limit on the sheriff’s time in office, set by the community. They will also be the community’s conscience, advocate, and protector. It is hoped that the sheriff’s job will be very boring, since the healthy morality of the individual begins with a healthy Sociality.


Multi-culturalism, political correctness, international organizations, environmental organizations, multi-national corporations, computer webs, and the United Nations are all examples of how our scope is changing to include everyone, and even everything. We are gradually becoming one tribe, one culture, one civilization, so we may as well start acting like one. Egalitarian Socialism and Democratic Anarchy will go a long way towards that goal, but Sociality will need to

be reconstructed after the devastation caused by Extreme Individualism.

Individuality and Individualism are different. Individuality is a product of the random mixing of our genes, memes, and personal experiences, which combine to make each human different and unique. Conformity to the group is expected to some degree through our genes and memes, but the needs of the individual and the needs of the society should be in balance. Individuality should be encouraged, because our growth as a species relies on the mutants and the misfits.

Individualism is an extension of Individuality which revels in the uniqueness to the exclusion of others. The needs of the society are trivial, while the needs of the individual are paramount. If Individualism is carried to the extreme, it leaves us alone with a scope of one. Extreme Individualism is an epidemic in the postmodern era, as merchants, priests, politicians, celebrities, athletes, spouses, and even shoppers and drivers are following the morality of greed and selfishness.

Individuals, families, communities, nations, ethnic groups, race, gender, and social class are ways to divide humans. They are only now being recognized as somewhat fuzzy. Dividing humanity up into smaller and smaller groups makes us easier to control, and Extreme Individualism has made us like sheep ready to be sheared. This division leaves us detached from the suffering of others, which helps perpetuate the system. We need to start thinking as a single tribe. The best way to think as one would be a universal language, but which one?

Mandarin Chinese, Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, Arabic, French, Russian, and English have been used in this capacity before, but they carry their cultural memes with them. What is needed is an artificial common language with consciously added memes, which would be able to unite our species in scope. There are many linguistic hurdles, but it should be

possible to incorporate most of the human language variations as well as most of the vernacular nuances, especially when faced with so many linguistic extinctions in the continuing globalization.

Over the last 100 years, there have been a myriad of artificial languages. Esperanto is one of the first languages created for the sole purpose of uniting a world culture. Unfortunately, Esperanto is eurocentric in origin and in use. Of the artificial languages, none has shown the potential of what can be accomplished as does Klingon, which was created to sound alien for a fictional warrior race for a television series. Surely, we can create a majestic and eloquent language for a global human civilization.

This new common language would have an alphabet as well as corresponding pictographs, and spoken words as well as hand signs. The alphabet (for the left side of the brain) should be as elaborate as European runes, Tibetan, Sanskrit, and Hebrew. The pictographs (for the right side of the brain) should be as beautiful as Chinese, Egyptian, and Mayan ideograms. The spoken words should be as musical as Arabic and French. The signs should be as creative as Nicaraguan Sign, as well as compatible with common human gesticulations. Common would also incorporate the metric system and Arabic numerals, since they are universal already.

Common should be the epitome of human linguistic skill: beautiful, absorbent, profound, genteel, sexually explicit, and galactic in scope. There seems to be some connection between the language and the way in which the individual thinks. By using the combination of alphabet, pictographs, and sign, Common should give its practitioners an expanded base on which to build their knowledge and self.

Common would be taught initially as a second language. It will then be able to absorb the local language’s uniqueness, so as to add to Common’s richness and diversity. It is the only way to ensure that these cultural concepts are not lost during globalization. There will have to be a High

Common, like High German, so the various dialects will be able to communicate effectively. Over the next millennium, Common would eventually replace all other languages, but not without absorbing many of their idiosyncrasies.

The major paradigms of familial relationships, social relationships, organizations, sexuality, and morality are interrelated. They are all concerned with our relationships to others, but each one of them is unraveling in the postmodern era. Extreme Individualism has caused havoc within Sociality. The family went from an extended family, to a nuclear family, to partial families of divorced parents. The individual is left with too many families to be separated from, with twice and thrice divorced parents. This isolation has been worsened since the community has also disappeared. Neighbors have become estranged and social relationships are then formed with co-workers, but jobs are moved around so often that one never seems to get a chance to stay friends with anyone for long.

Extreme Individualism needs to be replaced quickly. This is where K’ung fu-tsu needs to be mentioned again. He was witness to the breakup of the Chinese culture of his time. His solution was to reconstruct the entire Society megaparadigm around a dominant Sociality. He started off by transforming the individual into an Ideal Human. It was his belief that a society full of Ideal Humans would be the Ideal Society.

The first step in becoming an Ideal Human is to embody the Five Virtues: Benevolence (love and caring), Righteousness (justice and faith), Propriety (showing respect for yourself and others), Sincerity (truthfulness), and Wisdom (prudence). Since morality is a learned behavior, these virtues are instilled into the children by their society. If the leaders of the society are virtuous, the people will be also. If the leaders are not virtuous, it will be evident in the society. For Master K’ung, leaders are older siblings, parents, teachers, bosses, priests,

merchants, and politicians. Everyone should strive to radiate the Five Virtues in their daily lives.

The next step in becoming an Ideal Human is a well-rounded education, which involves all disciplines. Education not only imparts knowledge to the young scholars, but also enculturates them into the society. Schools do not have to be like modern factories or postmodern businesses. They should be like hands-on museums (a place of Muses), in which everyone has access to the great wealth of human knowledge. Children should not have to go to school, they should want to go.

After an extensive school carrier, the Ideal Humans will then take their place in society. This is where roles come in. Roles are extremely important in Confucianism. We must play each of our changing roles well as we age. Our first role is a child, when we become a part of the family, learning from the example of our parents and being proper (or virtuous) sons and daughters. Next, we become students, learning from the example of our teachers and being proper young scholars. Once married, we must assume the role of a proper partner. If we have a child, we must become proper parents, and then proper grandparents. As workers, we must assume the role as a part of the society. All of us cannot be physicians or athletes, we must perform our vocation as if it is as valuable as the others, because under Egalitarian Socialism, it is.

The word ‘proper’ may scare some of those who know something about Confucianism. Propriety meant subservience to superiors, women had few choices in life, and everyone lived under a rigid hierarchy, but there is still much to learn from Master K’ung. Whereas he did not have the luxury of many alternatives, we in the postmodern era are cursed with too many. The Sociality greater meme offered here is titled Alto-Confucianism, not only because K’ung had the gumption to attempt a conscious change in his culture, but also because his emphasis on virtue, the Ideal Human, and education as

vectors of change are still radical ideas in this era. Alto-Confucianism keeps these life-enhancing ideas at its core, as well as its constructivism, but it also accepts that times have changed, by embracing feminism, globalism, evolution, complexity, and environmentalism, as well as socialism and democracy as a part of the natural maturation process of the human species.

The greatest loss of the postmodern era is our loss of connection to our family and our community. Our economic system has exchanged that natural camaraderie for isolated nuclear families (and partial families) moving constantly. An Alto-Confucian community would encourage its residents to stay put, since people tend to stay where they are valued and loved. We need to put an end to this trend of isolation and give us back our sense of community and place.

Sexuality is the repressed major paradigm within Sociality. Sex is the act of reproduction. It is purposely pleasurable to ensure reproduction. Humans are intelligent enough to be able to enjoy the pleasure without reproducing, but we must be responsible. We must also bring this wonderful boon to our species to the surface. Sexuality needs to come out in the open, which is why we need a more sexually explicit language, since there are little or no verbs for the great variety of the different sex acts. Sex in the postmodern culture, with its multi-divorced parents, molestations, rapes, tortures, dowries, clitorectomies, infanticide, use of titillation by the media, sexual slavery, and selfishness, is not healthy. Healthy sexuality is the act of adults fucking, selflessly giving and receiving pleasure, such as can be found in the Kama Sutra and Tantric practices, and sharing in their birthright as humans.

The minor paradigm of Marriage combines sexuality with family relationships. It has evolved as a way of claiming exclusive rights to your sexual partner. This exclusion halts the friction caused by the mating rituals and allows the couple to settle down and begin a family. Monogamy is

recommended, and it must be mastered first before attempting polygamy or open marriages. Divorce should be discouraged with a waiting period of at least one year, and harmful relationships need to become extinct. Homosexual marriages should also be accepted soon, as it is folly to prohibit something which is naturally occurring. As long as all of the people involved are of age and consenting, sexual relationships are ultimately the responsibility of the individuals involved.

The over-population of the planet by the human species is one of the greatest disasters faced by the biosphere. There are simply too many people. The best form of birth control is better economic conditions. Egalitarian Socialism provides that support, but it will then be up to the families to control their size. One or two children is recommended, but none would be best until conditions warrant change. Eventually, the human population should level off as we become more harmonious with our planet’s environment. Unfortunately, radical means may become necessary, because we may have already gone beyond critical mass, which means we are left with war, famine, and disease as our only other alternatives in reducing the human population. It may become necessary to encourage voluntary sterilization. Also, the nobility of voluntary and assisted euthanasia should be explored as we get old and feeble now thanks to our medical technology, as well as for birth defects, as we switch from quantity to quality.

Abortion is also an age-old moral dilemma which involves the taking of a human life while still in the mother’s womb. Society should not force a woman to carry a child she does not want; it would be akin to slavery. We must all be responsible; abortion should never be used as birth control, but it should be an option when birth control has failed. In the future, it may not even be an issue as technology will indubitably come up with some form of birth control which will allow us full sexual freedom and a stable population,

until some day when we may be able to control reproduction and disease through Internal Gnosis.

Artists will do whatever they feel like doing. Since art reflects, and even foretells, the condition of a culture, the hope is that Alto-Confucianism and the entire Terran megameme offered here will spark something great out of the artists, as it did in primitive civilizations, and a sublime Age of Harmony will come into being. This change will begin at the core of the Society megaparadigm, the living narrative.


Once, we had no choice about the living narrative we lived through. We did not even know we had a choice. Each individual lived the reality of their culture, and shared their stories. Since the Enlightenment granted us the freedom of religion, we have been able to choose whichever religion fits to our own beliefs about the true living narrative. This choice is unprecedented in human history. In modernity, the religions competed amongst each other like in a marketplace, but none became dominant because each was too culturally specific, due to the interconnectedness of the living narrative to the other cultural memes.

Christianity has the most advocates, mostly because of its connection to imperialism, but it is splintered into many various sects and denominations. Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and the Chinese religions are other Religion greater memes which fit into different cultures for different reasons, and they are just as splintered, then there are the pagan, Sikh, Jain, Mormon, Bahai, and Zoroastrian minorities. One can even choose not to choose, agnosticism, or choose nothing, atheism.

In the postmodern era, Protestant Christianity, the Religion greater paradigm of modernity, has been replaced by Secular Humanism, because it allows the social rituals and ceremonies to continue without a common living narrative. The Humanists are agnostics who are able to suspend the necessity

of a living narrative. This Idealist reality suspension sparked the Enlightenment and modernity, since it allows Modern Science to discover what the fuck is going on in the material world without beginning with any false assumptions. This suspended reality also allows modernity to continue due to the lack of any alternatives, which is to the liking of those who benefit from the status quo. Although Secular Humanism has been able to hold us together with a vacant living narrative, it is no longer necessary, because all of the competing living narratives and anti-living narratives have been devitalized, and no one seems to have noticed that we have a new story.


BOOM!!! An enormous amount of pure energy is released into an infinite, three-dimensional void. Once in the void, the pure energy begins to dissipate. As it separates, it cools in the Absolute Zero temperature of nothingness. On the macroplane, energy clouds form as the initial cloud travels away from Universe Central at the speed of light. These clouds cool into galaxies. There was enough energy in this big bang to form over 100 billion galaxies, and each galaxy contains 100 billion stars.

On the microplane, the pure energy is transformed into matter. The building blocks of matter are atoms. The energy forms and reforms into about 100 orderly types of atoms, and even more sub-atomic particles, which interact in a highly complex manner due to the void. These atoms are merely pure energy fields of varying complexity separated by oceans of nothingness. Matter becomes clumps of these energy fields, as they gravitate together while whirling through space. Everything is matter, from a quasar to a hydrogen molecule to a life-form. Apparently, this is how pure energy reacts when entering an infinite void.

On the mezzoplane, a star is a gargantuan ball of the base element, hydrogen, fusing into helium. The energy released from this fusion is a tremendous amount of heat, light, and other radiations. The night sky is filled with such stars. Our star, the Sun, is just an average sized, middle aged, orange star at the edge of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Our planet, Terra, is a semi-solid satellite of that insignificant star. There are nine such satellites, or planets, in our system. We are on the third from the Sun. Our whole system was formed after the supernova of a previous

star sent out debris. The Sun and planets formed in a proto-stellar nebula cloud as gases and asteroids gravitated and collided, which generated heat and formed the amorphous globs into spheres. The sphere is so common because it is the base form of the third dimension formed by gravity.

Our planet’s initial atmosphere was stripped by solar winds, but a new one formed from the condensing material. It contained a large amount of water vapor, which cooled and covered most of the planet’s surface with water. The oceans are Terra’s most distinguishing feature. The continents are the less dense solid materials which have been pushed to the surface by the weight of all that water. They are broken up pieces of earth which float with the oceans on a gigantic sea of molten rock. And, beneath that molten sea lies a hyper-dense core.

On the surface, the oceans, continents, and atmosphere create a thin layer of converging liquid, solid, and gas energy which drives a highly complex system of weather, currents, and continental drifting. The atmosphere of this layer was comprised of carbon dioxide as well as ammonia and methane. In the estuaries, organic molecules, which are found even in meteors, mixed with the volatile air, well-placed minerals, water, and converging energies. They combined to form carbon-based molecules which maintain their own energy, keeping it, and using it to create more of themselves, or life.

A living cell is a complex construction of proteins, which are highly complex carbon molecules built of amino acids. As with fission, complexity equals energy, and all living things are a complex construction of stored energy. Life succeeded as anaerobic viruses and bacteria, until a strain of bacterium was able to form chlorophyll and actually tap the Sun for energy. The appearance of plants meant extinction for most of the other life-forms, as lethal oxygen entered this converging layer and pushed the existing gases out, thus wiping out the life-forms which had already evolved

to the previous atmosphere. The Sun’s energy enhanced the primordial plant bacteria enough that they were able to dominate the planet. Along with the plants came their animal companions. Animals evolved from an opportune oxygen-needing bacteria which was able to balance the plant’s needs for waste disposal and recycling.

Chlorophyll-using plants and their co-evolutionary animal partners spread throughout the oceans. The plants polluted the water with oxygen, which took all of the iron out of the oceans. Life-forms were turning the converging layer into their realm. Life also polluted the atmosphere, so that inert nitrogen and flammable oxygen would allow for the eventual colonizing of the earth. Carbon dioxide has almost been eliminated, but it is still used for maintaining temperature. Life also put into place the ozone layer, which strains ultraviolet light for the earth as the oceans do for the sea life, as well as sending needed sulfur and iodine from the sea, and there are a multitude of microbiologia which keep the saline content of the water the same as it was when life first formed or the salt run off from the continents would have killed off all aerobic life millions of years ago. The biosphere would eventually metabolize that thin layer of chaos on our planet’s surface as if alive, becoming a Gaia entity, and it is in charge here.

In the seas, life took a turn for the complex, as single cell animal life gathered together to form a supra-conscious body-colony of cells united to utilize more energy. Each cell in the colony sacrificed its independence to gain a survival advantage. The cells gathered together to form into organs which work at separate jobs to keep the whole colony of cells well fed and alive long enough to reproduce. Many sensory, food trapping, and movement devices, as well as other adaptations were experimented with. The design to build any particular life-form is written in its highly complex, double helix DNA molecule, or its genes. Mutations do occur and there is change, because life-forms need to be able to adapt

to the continually changing conditions on the planet’s surface. There is also a tendency to develop more and more complex life-forms, thus utilizing more and more energy.

These supra-conscious body-colonies went through the myriad of forms of requisite variety initially, but then settled down to only a few animal forms. Humans evolved from the Vertebrates which survived through adaptation and chance. The supra-conscious of the body-colony is a rudimentary intelligence, but Vertebrates have an advantage, since their nervous system connects their senses to a central brain, which is an organ to house the supra-conscious. The brain processes the large amount of information being collected by the senses and reacts to it. They soon became the dominant animal life-forms. Plants were not too far behind animals in forming complex body-colonies.

Eventually, life had spread throughout the coastal oceans. The earth was next as insects were following the plants on to the land and into the air in an age of abundance which created Terra’s great coal fields. From the ocean, the armored fish came after the abundant insects in the rivers. These fish evolved from early Vertebrates. Their armor was eventually shed and bones formed on the inside to store calcium in the fresh water. These bony fish then exploded back into the sea, which they still dominate, as well as exploding on to the land after the insects, where their land-based relatives also still dominate. The semi-aquatic amphibians had their age of dominance, then the pure-terrestrial reptiles came. Two varieties of reptile, true reptiles and mammal-like reptiles, competed for dominance next. The mammal-like reptiles were ahead until a comet or asteroid hit the planet and changed everything.

The cataclysm split up the super-continent of Pangea which had just come together. This drifting apart of the continents would eventually form the Atlantic Ocean. True Reptiles and conifer plants soon spread across the entire earth’s surface. Conifer trees and the legendary dinosaurs

made the biosphere pulse with life, as the vast forests fed grazing herds of massive brontosaurs, which were fed on by the great carnosaurs, who were so fierce that they even terrorized the oceans and the skies. But flowering trees, insects, and true mammals were starting to change everything. Ironically, another comet or asteroid hit the planet and wiped out all of the dinosaurs, who were already weakened by the rejection of the conifers, which had become inedible evergreens, and by the appearance of grasses, which are difficult to digest. Mammals competed with the birds for dominance, but mammals were more successful at grass digestion.

Through the line of the insectivore tree shrews came the family of primates, which branched out into lemurs, tarsiers, monkeys, apes, and hominids. All rely heavily on stereoscopic vision and grasping thumbs, which give the more intelligent apes the ability to use primitive tools. Free the hands, as the upright hominids did, and the tool using ability can be better exploited.

The hominids evolved on the Savanna as a result of the formation of the Rift Valley in eastern Africa. The new mountains created new weather and the pigmy chimpanzees’ jungle safety was replaced by violent grassland. Their choice was to survive on the plains or die. They may have first gone through an intermediary semi-aquatic stage living in the rivers and losing their fur before pushing into the grasslands. Life on the Savanna is radically different from the safe confines of the jungle. They would have to exploit their strengths. The earliest hominids used simple tools and their large brain for better implementation of those tools. They also had to develop a taste for meat, which is the currency of life on the Savanna. At first, they became scavengers of carcasses. Later, these carnivorous apes began to hunt in bands. Eventually, they would challenge the dominant lions and hyenas.

The hominids’ brain size grew as their tool using ability, hunting strategies, and communication skills grew. The brain houses the supra-consciousness of the body-colony, and the growth of the brain as a weapon of survival is new to life on Terra. Humans believe they are the only self-aware species, but all living things are self-aware. Their large brains give humans only a more complex self-awareness. Apes, dolphins, elephants, and whales share this complex consciousness, but only humans are able to use their hyper-complex brains to affect their environment, thanks to their tool crafting ability, which is what really separate humans from other animals.

Homo erectus was extremely successful. They lasted for 1.5 million years and spread throughout the Eastern Hemisphere. They even harnessed fire. Two varieties of linguistic hominids came from erectus, the visual neanderthals and the vocal sapiens. The vocal sapiens proved more successful and quickly spread over the entire earth. Homo sapiens, or humans, are large brained, omnivorous, tool using, speaking hominids, who live in bands like other primates.

Eventually, humans started to use their minds to control their prey instead of chasing them around. They domesticated herd animals. This adaptation probably appeared first in barren regions, where protecting the cooperative herd animals and helping them find food is easier than hunting them in such a place. Humans have domesticated many animals from the initial dogs, goats and sheep to cattle, horses, camels and poultry to elephants, llamas, pigs and cats.

Because of the changing weather of the Ice Age cycles, desertification began in Africa and Asia, and humans were pushed to the always plentiful river valleys. They were already experimenting with domesticating grasses like wheat and barley, when they started to grow the grass in cooperative farms on the bountiful river plains. Grass is condensed bio-energy and the ability to utilize this energy

imparts great power. Cattle need four stomachs to digest the tough grasses, but humans learned how to harness the seeds, and there was enough food to support a large urban population and civilization was born.

There were four initial civilizations: Sumer, Egypt, India, and China. Greece, which controlled trade on the calm Mediterranean Sea, would be added later, but it was originally a satellite state of both Egypt and Sumer. Other civilizations would come, but they would be unable to keep up with these first five. All five co-evolved together, but most of the friction was around the proximity of Egypt and Sumer. Human history follows a path of competition and warfare. It seems to be dominated by the latest killing technique. First came bronze weapons, then came the chariot, iron and steel weapons, the phalanx, ships, cavalry, guns, the citizen soldiers, airplanes, and most recently, the nuclear bomb. Humans can be a barbaric species with a great potential for violence. While this violence was valuable for their survival on the Savanna, it has become detrimental.

The final conquerors were the modern European nation-states, who used science and technology to conquer the world, bringing it together for the first time. Since the Europeans did not utterly destroy the cultures they were conquering, which was new, all of the various cultures, which were at their own stage of development, were brought together into a global empire. With the mixing of the various cultures and the findings of Modern Science, humanity has been left in the postmodern era with no identity, but globalization, scientism, constructivism, and Gaia recognition will lead to a conscious, world-wide reality reconstruction. Until then, they have suspended their reality and submerged into an orgy of greed and gluttony which could jeopardize their existence. The severity of their comeuppance is entirely dependent on them.

The human species will learn to take care of themselves and their planet as they mature, and there will be many more

stages of development for the human species. Their technology will only get better, and they will further explore the universe. Brain capacity will increase as body size decreases due to a peaceful diet. They also have much to learn in the realm of Gnosis, as some day human descendants may indeed become luminous beings, transcending their material body.

The planet will live on through much more history. Life will change many times over the next billion years Terra will be able to sustain life. Humans may even take life off this planet and terraform lifeless planets as they colonize the galaxy. These new planets will be designed for variety and left to their own unique evolution. Also, humans may eventually make contact with other space travelers.

The planet will eventually be destroyed when the Sun dies in five billion years. The Sun will grow as it dies, causing the two closest planets to disappear. Terra will become a burnt cinder. The solar system will die when the Sun explodes (or novas) and sprays gases and rock, which will become another nebula cloud. That nebula could eventually reform into another solar system.

Finally, the galactic matter may just go cold and dark, but flying through the void a scattered black death would not be efficient. Supposedly, all galactic matter will eventually be sucked into the massive black holes which exist at the center of each galaxy. A black hole is formed when a star is so large that its gravity and density make the matter collapse into itself and go at a right angle out of our dimension. It then starts to suck everything into it, even light. These galactic black holes will eventually collect all of the pure energy. They will then start to gravitate towards one another, collide, explode, and start the whole process over again in an ever-oscillating universe. Of course, this may be only one of a myriad of universes which burst into the infinite void like fireworks in the night sky.


Religion (continued)

It would seem that we had too many living narratives to choose from in modernity, and then none in postmodernity, but the evidence used to discredit the existing living narratives has become the living narrative in proxy. Modern Science has been extremely thorough with all of the incredible data gathered over the last 500 years, and any interpretation of it becomes a living narrative, or a scientism. They are not just another version of truth, because they are not presented as the Truth. They are stories which tie together clues found in available knowledge, and they are subject to change.

Ecological Scientism was the living narrative just offered. It does not come from any tradition, revelation, or pure reasoning. It is based on centuries of humans trying to figure out their world by exploring and investigating it. It is not faith, it is hypothesis; it is not belief, it is evidence; it is not dogma, it is obvious. Eventually, the scientific evidence will become part of the global ultra-paradigm. We should be celebrating these discoveries, not hiding from them.

Along with the living narrative, Religion is also comprised of rituals and ceremonies. K’ung fu-tsu maintained that they are of extreme importance. Humans are social primates and need to commune with others in their community. Rituals and ceremonies bond the community, as well as heal it when catastrophe occurs. Secular Gnosticism, the Religion greater meme offered here, combines the neutral rituals and ceremonies of secularism with the gnosis of various cultures, as well as including Ecological Scientism, as we now seem to

have a living narrative capable of uniting the entire species and all terrestrial life into a single community.

The basic communities will be organized into nodes, which are the equivalent to a community, diocese, or neighborhood. They are named purposely to give them a sense of spiritual connection to the greater whole. This connection is to be maintained through the Celebrations of Life and the Calendar Festivals. Each node is free to develop its own style and to utilize the talents of the nodal community to its fullest. They are expected to evolve differently with all of the diversity of requisite variety.

The Celebrations of Life are based on the Stages of Life common to all cultures. They are very important to the individual because of their changing role in the society. They should be celebrated by the family and the whole community. Birth is an introduction of the newest member of the community to the community. Scholarship introduces the young scholars to the vast array of human knowledge. Coming of Age introduces the adolescent to sexual responsibilities. Graduation grants the individual full membership in the world community. Marriage seals the bond between two people and their families. Pregnancy is a special time for new parents, who will need the wisdom of the community. After a long life, Renunciation allows the individual to separate from the world and meditate. And, a funeral is the way in which humans deal with the death of one of their own. Secondary celebrations are more personal like birthdays and anniversaries.

The Festival Events are based on a new calendar, which is needed because of the plethora of calendars in use. The new calendar is based on the anticipation of Unification Day, which is the day the whole species will be united. All of the years before Unification Day will be known as ‘BU’ (Before Unification) and the era of the Confederation of Terra will be known as ‘AU’ (After Unification). The first day of the new calendar will be the first day of the Confederation, so choose it wisely.

The nodes will gather together for weekly festivals. Humans seem to enjoy the weekly gatherings of the community for camaraderie and celebrating being alive. They should be fun, entertaining, and inspirational. The nodes should include all of their talents, such as music, theatre, arts, cooking, debate, games, and magick. The weekly festivals should be held at the node’s nexus. The nexus is a place where the community gathers for the festivals and celebrations. They are sacred space where the bio-energy is just right: temples, gardens, groves, etc. The weekly festivals should be held on the sabbath day of their host nation, not to offend anyone, and the first day of the week after Unification.

The freeday is a product of the Western culture. It is an extension of the value placed on the individual. The modern idea of creating a day of rest away from religion and work just for individual enjoyments is a spectacular development in human maturation. Family and individuals should balance this time spent together and independently on the freeday and every day. The freeday should be the last day of the week after Unification.

The canton’s festivals are based on the celestial events of the equinoxes, solstices, and the middle days between them. These eight days are easy to celebrate because they are global and about 1.5 months apart. Like the weekly nodal festivals, they are to be wonderful celebrations of being alive. They should be held at the canton’s nexus. There are many themes to choose from: "Harvest," "Lights," "Carnival," "Ancestor Memorial," and a myriad of other reasons to commune.

Unification Day is to be celebrated at the regional level. The theme should be unification. It should last for at least a week and have a fair-like atmosphere. It will be held on the host nation’s New Year’s Day in anticipation of the unification of the world and the Confederation of Terra. It will be New Year’s Day with the new calendar.

The whole world will come together every four years for Leap Year’s Day. There should be two weeks of celebration on a global scale centered at Nexus Prime in the world’s capitol. It should combine the Mardi Gras, the World’s Fair, and the Olympiad. Everyone should make the pilgrimage to this world-wide festival at least once in their lives.

The priest caste has been replaced by an entire religion of priests. Each member of the community is an independent "priest" of Secular Gnosticism, although there are four types of priests, based on the four Yogas of Hinduism. Their Western names are Ministers, Magicians, Mystics, and Monks. Each performs a different function within the society, but all are of equal value. The individual shows tendencies for all four of them, but one does dominate.

The Minister is based on karma yoga, or the way of deeds. They are all who perform services for others in their daily lives. Physicians, farmers, bureaucrats, waiters, street sweepers, shop keepers, artists, reporters, and lawyers would be Ministers. Everyone is a Minister. The Magician is based on bhakti yoga, or the way of ritual. They are the leaders of the Celebrations and the Festivals. Magicians are practitioners of the External Gnosis of Magick, as well as theatre, music, and counciling. Mystics are based on jnana yoga, or the way of knowledge. They are the scientists, philosophers, gnostics, and technologists. The Monk is based on raja yoga, or the way of direct experience. They are those rare individuals who have renounced this world in order to go inside. Monks are the masters of Internal Gnosis.

Change seems to occur in Society due to changes in Knowledge. Homo sapiens became the first dominant species due to our tool mastery in our infancy stage of primitive cultures. Our toddler primitive civilizations came about due to agriculture. Civilized societies came with philosophical reason and logic in our childhood. Our modern youth, which

was sparked by scientific exploration and investigation, finally gave way to our adolescent postmodern identity crisis, which was brought about after there was enough accumulated data to get a clear picture of the material world, and it was not what we expected. The Knowledge megameme offered here is Homo Maturus, because the next stage for humanity is to mature by becoming responsible for ourselves, as well as for the health of the entire biosphere. The change in Knowledge this time comes from the convergence of all four branches, especially the reinstatement of Gnosis.


Gnosis has been suppressed due to its proximity to Religion, but how can one have Knowledge without including the prophets, yogis, shamans, psychics, and other gnostics which this world has produced? Including the greater paradigm of Gnosis in the megaparadigm of Knowledge validates a plethora of data which has been ignored by Modern Science. It has been labeled as ignorance and superstition, but Science is reluctantly starting to recognize Gnosis. Psychology, Gaia, complexity, relativity, animal consciousness, and the legitimation of esoteric knowledge have allowed Gnosis, with the aid of constructivism, to throw off its yoke to Religion and stand independently.

The bio-energy of life permeates the entire layer of convergence on a transsensual level. Our senses evolved out of necessity for survival. It is unnecessary to be able to perceive the bio-energy. Therefore, the only way to detect it is to collect evidence of its workings. There is a similarity between a living organism and the Gaia entity. The entire biosphere has a metabolism which circulates nitrogen, oxygen, methane, carbon dioxide, ozone, salt, iodine, sulfur, weather, currents, and even the continents, themselves, around the entire planet through a hyper-complex system of living agents, like any body-colony, and through sheer will. Most living organisms do not have a brain to house the mass

consciousness, which is a Vertebrate trait. Yet, these organisms react as a singularity, or self-aware, which is the difference between alive and not. The entire planet shows evidence of being a mass organism with a will of its own, from its conquest of earth to its reactions to catastrophes. There is enough evidence to show that something is going on beyond our senses and beyond our control.

The Gaia entity is the sum total of all life on this planet, and it permeates the earth, air, water, and fire, as it has the entire planet surface as its body. Other living planets would have their own Gaia entities. The Hindu term for this entity is the impersonal Brahman. Atman equals Brahman. The atman is the sum total of the human body-colony, a whole made of many, which is, in turn, a part of another whole, Brahman. Through Internal Gnosis, the Indian yogis are able to join this massive singularity of bio-energy, which has been described as infinite awareness, infinite being, and infinite joy. They mistook this energy for the Truth. Instead, it is a terrestrial phenomenon of life. Brahman is the sum total of all life, the Terran Gaia entity. The workings of the Gaia entity has also been observed as the Tao te Ching, or the Way of Life.

This transsensual realm is dependent on the material realm, and visa-versa. Through the vanishing knowledge of External Gnosis, the shaman could exert a certain amount of influence by harnessing the bio-energy through magick. These early Magicians also knew much about the capabilities of the human mind. They could also contact the denizens of that realm, the nature spirits, which are some form of non-material life. These nature spirits seem to be dedicated to the support of the material realm. The spirit realm is an alien world to us and most of the knowledge accumulated about it is ineffable, but it still can be found in some cultures, in esoteric writings, and in our myths, as well as in quantum physics, as energy delicately becomes alive. Look for coincidences, for they show us the interconnectedness of both

realms. Mature Gnosis will have to relearn what was lost in both Internal and External Gnosis and then take it further.


Philosophy entered three societies differently. The logic and reason of Philosophy allowed K’ung fu-tsu to order the Society megaparadigm of Chinese culture; it allowed Buddha to order the Internal Gnosis of India; and it allowed the Greek Philosophers to order the thinking process. Once entered into Knowledge, Philosophy becomes the hub, because it allows us to order our minds and our reality for a clear mind to mind conversation. Philosophy is not like Gnosis and Science. The history of Philosophy is not of resolution, but of continuous debate. It is the arena of ideas.

The postmodern Existentialist Philosophy is a result of having to deal with relative reality and the scientific evidence. Our world is absurd. There is no reason for it to be here, but here we are none-the-less. In a world full of competing realities, each individual must choose their own meaning for their existence. In this way, Existentialism is a secular form of individualism. Consequently, we must also choose what is the meaning of existence as a group. Our postmodern predicament is to decide what it means to be human. We will soon need a consciously constructed, mature reality for the whole species to replace the languid culturally specific realities. This new reality reconstruction will occur in the Philosophy arena.

The reality we choose will ultimately be decided by the whole species in our hermeneutic circle of reality construction, or the circulation of ultraperspectives and the ultraparadigm, by a species which has just become global, as well as aware of its constructivism, and aware of certain scientific evidence regarding the material world. Once an alternative reality becomes the ultraparadigm for the species, Postmodern Reconstructivism will turn into Mature Philosophy, which will have to deal with the knowledge that

the chosen reality is not the Truth, but the best we could do at this stage of our evolution, and have the difficult task of expanding the chosen reality, with the understanding that some day it will be replaced.


Postmodern High Technology has begun to stagger the imagination. There are no limits to the possibilities of future advances. The problem with our technology is that our Society megaparadigm is under the control of Imperialist Capitalism. Like all postmodern culture, technological advances are driven by profit with a total disregard of any other factor. While we ponder the dilemmas of our technology, such as pollution, genetic engineering, and geriatrics, the merchants are making all the actual decisions based on greed as the motive, which is unhealthy, and we consume their products like gluttons in the West or slave to make them elsewhere. The life-enhancing Mature Technology will continue the advancement, but at a slower pace, and it will be motivated by responsibility and posterity, and available to all under Egalitarian Socialism.


Modern Science has failed to reach its goal of finding the Truth through investigation and exploration, because it has reached certain limits, since there is no going back before the Big Bang, and we can get no smaller than pure energy, but the data gathered by Modern Science will always be valuable. Only its reign of dominance is over, and a time of a unified Knowledge is about to begin. The task of Mature Science will be to continue the investigation and exploration of the universe, because there is still so much to learn, as we are just now starting to understand our place in the universe, our tiny planet, the complexity of life here, and our amazing species. Unfortunately, Modern Science has given us so much data that it is difficult to put all of the varied

disciplines together, so the valuable knowledge floats around in an ocean of trivial information, which seems to be trebled daily.

Just as before, the Society megaparadigm is changing to be more in tune with Knowledge, which is going through the tricatastrophes of globalization, scientism, and constructivism. Although Modern Science has failed to discover the Truth, it has given us an unexpected living narrative, but scientism contradicts the multitude of contradictory living narratives of the past, which constructivism has shown to be relative and reified. What we have learned from science about ourselves and our world is both awesome and awful, as our delusions are stripped from us, and we are left alone in an absurd universe with no alternative but to bring our reality more in tune with our new knowledge.

The Humans of Terra, the alternative ultrameme which includes the Confederation of Terra (the Society megameme with Alto-Confucianism, Democratic Anarchy, Egalitarian Socialism, and Secular Gnosticism) and Homo Maturus (the Knowledge megameme with Gnosis reunited with Philosophy, Science, and Technology), is offered here to replace our suspended state of reality in the globalizing and constructivist postmodern era, and allow a new era of cooperation to begin. It will probably not take the world by storm. Even if it was to become the global ultraparadigm, it would not happen over night. The birthing process is long and painful. Confucianism did finally succeed in changing China, but only after the Period of Warring States. The question then becomes how to implement the new ultrameme so it has the best chance of success.


It is one thing to collate an alternative reality, it is another to try to implement one, but the robust paradigms in place today will be languid enough to be replaced soon, and they will be supplanted by the first global ultraparadigm. The alternative ultrameme offered here, the Humans of Terra, is a viable, complex, life-enhancing alternative reality for a mature species, but it is useless if it cannot be implemented. The developing global hermeneutic circle is a highly complex system, but still lacks form. Logos not only gives it form, but also allows for the social reconstruction of reality out of various cultural memes. The Confederation of Terra and Homo Maturus were consciously selected from those memes. The implementation will have to be by both the top-down and the bottom-up methods due to the project’s magnitude.

Terran Communities

The bottom-up aspect of Project Terra is based on the node, which is a semi-autonomous fellowship of like-minded individuals, and their families, gathered together for mutual support. The problem with transition periods is that there are no places for those aware of the next age to congregate. There are no schools, no churches, and no complete organizations for those who are aware of constructivism, scientism, and globalism. The environmental organizations, political parties, and New Age churches of the postmodern era provide only partial comfort. The Awareness is growing, but it is not organized, not yet anyway.

Most political and religious organizations begin as grassroots movements, and the nodes will, at first, be loose

congregations of Terrans. These initial communities will have to meet in old warehouses, old schools, or in the members’ homes. Starting a node is as easy as getting together with friends or putting an ad in the paper. In places of danger, the nodes must be cautious, but developing a community is recommended. Jobs can be shared until the node grows in size. Eventually, there can be a full time Magician and even full time instructors and guides.

Where-ever there are people who wish to live in a mature world, they should organize. Where-ever they can meet, they should. They will gain in confidence as they gain in numbers, and take over entire office buildings and derelict schools, until Nodes and nexuses can be independently constructed. The nodes will be completely autonomous, which should encourage diversity and survival. If a node is not what you expected it would be, look around until you find one which is, or start your own. Expect that some of the nodes will thrive while others fail, it is all a part of the evolutionary process. Do not get discouraged though, the maturation of the species is inevitable.

The Celebrations of Life and the New Calendar Festivals are meant to bring the community together. They should be led by the Magicians and held at the node’s nexus, which may also have to be a member’s home or out in the wild until something more formal is possible. The rites can range from a simple party to an extravagant, theatrical ceremony of External Gnosis. The ceremonies should encourage the node’s camaraderie, but most of all, they should be spectacular. Be creative and be careful, the dominant memes may not appreciate your revelry or your boldness.

Apart from the ceremonial nexus, the nodes need a place where people can come to learn, a Node. Project Terra uses the Confucian model, which implements change through education. By organizing the Nodes around an Affect-Knowledge education system, which imparts a broad introductory education at first and then allows free access to the wealth

of human knowledge, with the educators as guides and not narrators, the node members and especially, their children should become strong, influential leaders. There are many paths to this knowledge, such as elders, books, schools, as well as the media, and the computer. The Mystics will dominate this realm of education and knowledge, as gnosis, philosophy, technology, and science should be explored in groups and as individuals along with sociality, history, linguistics (reading, writing, poetry, oration, and literature), art, musicianship, morality, sex, education, religion, politics, economics, mathematics, sports, games, and horticulture, as well as the Common language and martial arts.

The teaching of Common will be a wonderful way to unite the community. At first, small night classes with uninstructed teachers, who themselves are co-learning, will be all which is hoped for. Eventually, there will arise enough proficient instructors and materials to make the job easier, but expect a rough start.

The teaching of the martial arts is important for many reasons. First, these exercises are valuable for health and physical conditioning. Second, they teach discipline of the mind and control of the body. Third, they are always useful as self-defense, but the Terran-style needs to be much more than simply martial. There needs to be a commissioned style of physical abilities which combines the arts of Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi, and Kung-fu with a healthy diet, cleanliness, exercise, and herb lore. It is a way of teaching proper maintenance of the body, and it will set a proper foundation for Internal Gnosis.

The Industrial school system, which is still in place in the postmodern era, maintains the modern idea of the enlightened teacher and the ignorant masses. The Affect- Knowledge system allows the scholars to design their own education. After they are given the basics, the young scholars are let loose to learn whatever they want at their

own pace. They will then be able to take their knowledge and affect their world. The transition from the Industrial education system to an AffectKnowledge system will have to take place outside the current institutions, as they are unlikely to change themselves. The nodes should be able to accomplish this transition in five steps.

The first step is to develop the Node as a learning center, which will be supplemental to the standard schools. After school, evenings, and weekends would be open for the children as well as the whole family. The learning centers should have whatever equipment the nodes can provide. Computers should be utilized to stay in touch with other Nodes to share experiences around the world community. The instructors and guides will be experimenting with techniques as well as learning themselves. All of the node members and their families will be welcome. Visitors can also be welcome. Eventually, advanced classes will have to be offered to the long time members, and beginner and intermediate classes will have to be available for newer members. As the Nodes experiment and grow, the world community also grows.

The second step would be the creation of a primary school for children. The third step is to create high schools for the adolescents. The fourth step is the founding of linked colleges and universities. They have been split up like this because that is how they are split up by the dominant Industrial system, and because the founding of a primary school is easier than that of a college. The schools will be an extension of the learning center, as they will encourage the young scholars to be responsible for their education. The family may also have to double as instructors, since material, equipment, and professional instructors may be few and far between as Project Terra begins, but with fortitude, a new complex education system will emerge.

The Terran schools would be unrecognizable from the Industrial schools of the postmodern era. No grades, no tests, and no authoritarian teachers would be present. The

instructors will welcome the young scholars to the wealth of human knowledge and then guide them through it. Via arrangement, the students and their family will negotiate an education with the instructors. The emphasis will be placed in the hands of the parents at first, but students will gradually become responsible for educating themselves. The knowledge gained from the evolution of Project Terra will eventually culminate in the Confederation of Terra’s Universal school system, which will also be comprised of three blocks: primary, secondary, and tertiary.

The primary block is for the students just entering the system. The child may begin when the parents deem them ready (usually between the ages of 31/2 and 5). Unisex uniforms and teaching both sexes together are recommended, but not mandatory. They should have fun learning how to learn, learning how to socialize, as well as learning the basics. The primary block should use the Japanese and English primary school models, as this block most resembles the Industrial school with a controlled curriculum, contests, and memorization. When the students have demonstrated a proficiency in the basics, sometime around age 12, they should progress to the secondary level. This determination should be mutual between the instructors, family, and student.

The secondary block would be an intermediary stage based on further exploration, advanced studies, social activities, and healthy competition. The secondary block has no equivalent in the Industrial system, because the teachers become guides, aiding the young scholars in their search. The young scholars should begin exploring the entire gamut of human knowledge, balancing individual and group studies. The advent of virtual reality will greatly improve this system, especially after the founding of the University of Terra (the fifth step). Also, sports and competition should be taught with the ideas of Chivalry and Bushido. The same

determination as before will send the young scholar to the tertiary block sometime around age 17.

The tertiary block is to be based on the flexible American Post-Secondary system, which will focus on complex studies and vocational training. While in the tertiary block, the Initiates will train under Masters of their chosen craft as Ministers, Mystics, Magicians, and even Monks. They become Adepts as soon as they demonstrate proficiency and graduate from the Universal School around age 21, when they will be welcomed as a full member of the society, allowed to vote in the democracy, become eligible for the government post lottery, as age dictates, as well as becoming full members in the World Bank. After a demonstration of master proficiency in their chosen vocation, the Adept will become a Master and allowed to teach others. The very rare Archmaster would be a living treasure, who can teach Masters.

On the individual level, each member will be responsible for learning the Common language, learning the Terran-style physical arts, becoming an affective and knowledgeable scholar, and full participation in the community. It will be extremely difficult in the beginning. In some places, it may even be dangerous. Those who benefit from the economic pyramid will not want to see it end, and they will stop at nothing to maintain the status quo, which they have demonstrated over and over. Project Terra is the hope that the bourgeois, who have the ability to change the world, will see beyond their petty perks and privileges to unite with the proletariat, who are kept too busy in economic slavery to be a voice, and bring harmony to a troubled world. Terrans must constantly struggle to stay mature in an adolescent world.

The nodes should become financially self-sufficient. A credit union should be established so the members are able to pool their resources for the purpose of opening small businesses which would be supported by the community, such as cafés, gyms, vegetarian restaurants, food markets, community

laundry mats, condominiums, pubs, day care, bakeries, theaters, book stores, craft stores, as well as the Node and nexus. The vocation choices for a mature way of life are slightly limited, but much more fulfilling. The merchants and inventors have not been repressed, they have become Ministers and enterprise is still their realm. The only change is that we will all serve each other, instead of serving ourselves.

If any node gets too large (circa 1000 or more members), it should split off into two new nodes. Communities throughout human history have proven robust in small populations and languid in large populations. Where the nodes are numerous enough, they should organize themselves geographically into cantons, or counties. At the canton level, the nodes can pool their resources to help build Nodes, nexuses, and other community works. Charter schools and high schools will also be possible. The credit unions will be united and eventually form the World Bank. In the cities, there will be multi-media access for the Common language, such as a local paper, television show, or radio station, and the possibility of building colleges.

On the regional level, there will be industry such as clothing lines, multi-media creations, publishing, arts and entertainment, Terran sponsored co-ed dorms, as well as building universities. Eventually, a world-wide web of nodes, cantons, and regions will emerge. On the world level, there is the goal of building the University of Terra, with its virtual reality counterpart and supporting Terran community.

The University of Terra

After commissioning the Common language and the Terranstyle physical art, the main thrust of the world community is to build the University of Terra, which is the top-down aspect of Project Terra. The University of Terra is to be built of stone and in cyberspace, as well as having a self-sufficient supporting Terran community and linked to a world-wide web of campuses. Its mission is to store human

knowledge, educate future generations, and continue the expansion of knowledge.

The Terran community built around the University of Terra will be the prototype of the typical community after Unification. The model for the community will be the megamalls of North America. Instead of department stores, the four anchor sites will be (1) the University, (2) a community center/hospital, (3) government/command center for Project Terra, and (4) a high technology plant/research center. Shops and services will occupy the entire ground level, while apartments and condominiums fill the floors above. In the center, a beautiful park with ponds and fountains will serve as the community’s nexus.

This prototype community must also be the epitome of human ingenuity. Only alternative energies are to be used. There will also be no cars. The buildings, roads and paths must be within the natural surroundings not on top of them. The land and all life should be considered members of the community. The humans will be supported by a system of cooperative eco-farms. Since agriculture is an important part of human knowledge, the University will be able to re-invent farming, such as organic, multi-crop, local plants preferred, medicinal, and all without poisons, as the water should be as clean leaving our community as it is coming from the mountain springs. Over-looking the whole community, there will be a monastery for the Monks.

The University of Terra community should be located in some mountain valley in a safe location. There may even be a need for two separate communities, one lambent in the Azores or Madiera Islands, like Atlantis, and one concealed in the mountains of Canada or New Zealand, like Shangri-la. Common will be the official language of the community and the school. It will be governed under the stipulations of Democratic Anarchy with Egalitarian Socialism in place also. The entire community will also be a node of Secular Gnosticism, with an Alto-Confucian sociality as well.

The University of Terra will be a fully functional learning center, which will be at the hub of a global, interconnected university system with campuses all around the world. Young scholars from all over the world will be invited for an intense Homo Maturus, Alto-Confucian, Affect-Knowledge education, as well as vocational training to take back home with them. The standard education will help each individual scholar strive to be an Ideal Human, while the vocational training will help Ministers change the world with technology, holistic medicine, international law, science, agriculture, as well as offering Magician, Mystic, and Monk training. There should be world-wide scholarships for poorer scholars, plus node, canton, and regional scholarships will make getting to any of the universities easier.

The University itself will be based on the Universal school system. Students from other systems will be able to enter the tertiary block or earlier if they feel the need. The Masters will be the most experienced and avant-garde of the world community. Their presence will allow the scholars direct access to some of the best minds in the world. Along with developing skills to help change the world, the scholars will be collecting data to be converted into Common. Science, philosophy, gnosis, history, literature, music, film, art, and other human endeavors need to be translated into Common for storage and for use by others in the future. A scanner will have to be produced which can translate writing into Common. This storage will greatly enhance the value of Common as well as keep the knowledge safe. The information gathered will be accessible from any computer tied into the University’s Library.

The Library will be a virtual reality temple to Knowledge. All of the data gathered by the world-wide community will be stored there. The Library itself will be a virtual building with an almost infinite amount of doors, which will be able to transport the visitor to any time in history desired, from the Big Bang to the formation of the

solar system, from the age of the dinosaurs to the Gardens of Babylon, from the Trojan War to the Moon landing. The visitors will be able to live through legends, myths, and stories. There will also be a vast collection of books and periodicals, as well as statistical information. Guides and Virtual Guides will aid the visitors. Discussion groups and clubs will be able to gather in virtual rooms, so that the entire world will be able to commune.

Most importantly, the Library will also be the storage facility for the myriad classes created by masters in their fields for use in the Universal schools. First through computers and then through virtual reality, the University of Terra will be the spring from which all our scholars (young and old) shall drink. The classes will take the scholars through whatever is desired to learn from Astrophysics to Parenting, from Calculus to Ancient Egypt, from Raja Yoga to Mechanical Engineering.

Different subjects would be available from a wide variety of different instructors and instruction styles, as well as available at different levels of difficulty. The Node learning centers and Universal schools would have server access to all of this wealth of knowledge continuously. The world will be available to anyone anywhere any time.

The technical plant and research center will help put the virtual university together, as well as maintain and up-grade it. They will also have to protect it. There will have to be great caution exercised to safe guard this knowledge. The technological know-how stored here and any advances produced in this branch of the University may prove valuable later on. It may even turn a profit for the world-wide community, as well as keeping the technical knowledge safe.

The Confederation of Terra

Humanity has two possible futures: maturation or extinction. The way we are now, the planet would be better

off with our extinction. It is up to those who wish for maturation to help bring it about. A mature ultraparadigm will be needed soon for the inevitable global civilization, which has been assembling since the beginning of civilization. The ultrameme, the Humans of Terra, is offered here as that global ultraparadigm, and as an alternative to the postmodern madness. Even if it is too late to stop the upcoming debacle, then it will protect the Terrans from the reality collapse, help them maintain their composure, and give them the ability to pick up the shards of a broken world.

Unification Day will be the culmination of Project Terra, but there is no ultimate goal. Every accomplishment will be valuable, from the commissioning of Common and the Terran-style to the founding of the first nodes, Nodes, nexuses, and schools, from the founding of Common newspapers and magazines to the founding of the University of Terra, from the first cultures which accept it to the unification of the entire species, and beyond as humans begin to learn how to live in harmony with each other and the living planet.

The Confederation of Terra should also be a time of high culture, personal growth, and a species-wide maturation. With Egalitarian Socialism, everyone shares in the bounty, as humans will finally be able to work at whatever vocation desired without being over or under paid and the social stigma attached to it. With Democratic Anarchy, everyone will have a say in how their world is managed. With Alto-Confucianism, humanity will start to strive for the ideal. With Secular Gnosticism, humans will finally be able to celebrate life instead of regretting being born. Also, the environment will be given the respect it deserves, and begin to bloom again. The Confederation of Terra will not be perfect, nothing ever is, but it can be a world of cooperation, dignity, and pride.

This new ultraparadigm will not be the last, for it will some day become as obsolete as the ones it replaces. Humans will never reach their full potential, life never does. The meaning of life is to strive. Death is advantageous to that striving, as organisms with death written into their DNA have taken over the world. Immortality is stagnation. The Confederation of Terra has its own inevitable death written into it, but until that distant time, it can provide a healthy foundation for an ennobling and life-enhancing world.


The world I live in does not go away. I keep waking up and having the world remain the same. It is very consistent in that manner. I get hungry. I get sleepy. I am quite sure the material world we share is real. Realism supposes the supremacy of material existence, with which we can presume that all of the knowledge we have acquired and all of our experiences are also real, so what the fuck is going on?!

The Greek Philosophers first asked this question, and here we are 2500 years later and they would be surprised with the answers we have obtained. Modern Science used Descartes’ most probable-philosophical-statement, "I think therefore I am," to stay as objective as possible during its explorations and investigations of the material world. This Idealism gives the mind the ultimate authority for reality. They have suspended a belief in any physical reality until more physical evidence becomes available, and vowed not to be dissuaded by any of the existing cultural realities. After 500 years of discovery, we are now aware of our material and non-material existence, our evolution, our social reality construction, our technological power, our environmental impact, and our forthcoming global civilization.

It has become time to return to Realism, since probability has shifted back to the material world, as Descartes forgot about sleep. When one sleeps, the brain does not maintain the consciousness. The body-colony does not need it, so it is turned off to conserve energy. The material body-colony still exists during sleep. The consciousness does not. Therefore, Descartes’ premise is false. The mind is a product of the body-colony, not the other way around. You are

just the mass-consciousness of your body-colony. You are shut off during sleep.

Your conscious self, or the I, which becomes the ego in the mind, is formed from your unique combination of genetics, memetics, the time and place of your existence, and the people you are acquainted with on the world stage. Individuality is natural and desired for continued evolution. The ego must make choices, which is why it has evolved, in the self-interest of the body-colony, which becomes the id in the mind, but the ego reacts to the world with its own perspective, which is constructed from the group’s abstract reality, or cultural ultraparadigm, which becomes the superego in the mind. This perspective, or reality, is an artificial representation of the material world for the ego, the conscious self, to deal with the material world for the id, urges, and aided by the superego, conscience.

The material world is what is really real. In order to understand why the world is the way it is, one has to understand the web of causation. What is happening in the world now is a product of what has come before, which is a product of what came before that, and so on. We are the product of a tragic and triumphant history. We are a product of the continuing process of evolution. We are the mass consciousness of the body-colony which acts as a singularity for the collective. We are a collective of living cells gathered together for better survival. We are alive. We are pure energy reacting in a void. This more probable scientific evidence, which is verifiable to anyone who puts in the time, has given humanity a new living narrative, and left us with a new identity. Modern Science has shown us the wonder and the absurdity of the material world, and now the most-probable-statement would be, "We are primates, who are evolving psycho-socially as well as physically, and just a part of a living planet, which is hurtling through an infinite void."

In a very short time, our ancestors went from a comfortable jungle existence to a vicious Savanna reality. After establishing dominance due to our brains and our tools, humans began to develop complex cultures, to civilizations, to pondering, to action, to identity crisis, to having to choose which reality to live and live it. Since our reality construction is no longer guided by chance, the entire species must consciously create a new reality soon based on our experiences to be more in tune with the scientific evidence. Once we have created our own reality, we will be a mature species, since it is the adults who must decide how to live their lives. The decision, itself, makes us an authentic, mature species, not just the ultrameme chosen.

Are we ready for the masses to govern themselves and for the whole world to take care of everyone and the environment? No. Humans have come a long way extremely quickly, but we are not yet ready to be a fully mature species. The era of adolescent bickering and waste is far from over, and the near future does not look hopeful: pollution will continue unabated, the environment will continue to be devastated, disparity will increase, and human society will continue to unravel until the world has sunk into the chaos of despair, disease, famine and war. It is unfortunate that humans seem to learn only from debacles, and it is a shame that peace, cooperation, and harmony must be imposed over war, greed, and perfidiousness. Grow Up!

There may come the day when the Confederation of Terra may be imposed on the world. The dilemma is how to impose it without being totalitarian. You cannot, all cultural realities are totalitarian for that is their nature. No euphemism will cover it up; even freedom must be imposed. Rather than using war, forced conversion, or economic pressure, K’ung fu-tsu used the Art of Peace to impose his alternative reality, or change through a high culture. In other words, it becomes something others want to join. The Terran Art of Peace utilizes the Confucian well-rounded

education, the Five Virtues, the Ideal Human, and good leadership, as well as adding democracy and socialism, because a totalitarianism of equality and camaraderie is an honorable and pleasant totalitarianism for all of us involved in this madness.

Eventually, we will become a mature species with an ennobling and life-enhancing global ultraparadigm. The alternative ultrameme offered here, the Humans of Terra, is one vision of what that future could be like, although many details have been purposely omitted to encourage diversity and initiative, so the outcome may differ from this one. For those who want to see the Humans of Terra become the global cultural reality, there is much to do. Since the entire hermeneutic circle is a product of human minds, we can start changing the world, simply, by changing our perspective. Project Terra is in progress.


anarchy - an anarchy does not mean social chaos; a true anarchy is cooperation with decision making through consensus, not force; it is a synonym of true democracy.

The Awareness - as opposed to the Enlightenment; the postmodern understanding of constructivism, scientism, and globalism, as well as a mature awareness of equality, ecology, and spirituality.

catastrophe - simply any change in the environment.

co-evolution - when a symbiotic relationship is developed between different organisms so that both benefit, such as plants and animals or humans and tools.

constructivism - awareness of the social construction of reality; also see "dereification" and "relativism".

cosmogony - world creation; also see "reconstructivism".

deconstructivism - the postmodern use of deconstruction as a weapon to expose the cultural realities as relative and reified; deconstruction separates the memes within any culture so they may be examined from the metaperspective, as in this book, and it is a precursor to reconstructing an alternative reality, like the Humans of Terra, as well as properly choosing one as our global ultraparadigm.

dereification - the constructivist awareness of the reification of our reality, which then negates the process; it leaves us fully conscious of our reality construction; it also leaves us fully responsible for the shameful conditions of the world; also see "reify".

enculturation - or socialization; a process of initiating the young into an ultraparadigm.

evangelical - a variety of memes, such as Christianity, Islam, and Modernity, which are not culturally bound, thus able to infiltrate alien ultraparadigms.

fuck - the only descriptive verb for sex in English; also used as power word in exclamation, "What the fuck is going on?!"

globalism - awareness of globalization.

globalization - the gradual process of bringing the human species together under one ultraparadigm after so many years of separation.

gnosis - actual knowledge gained from spiritual experiences.

hermeneutic circle - an engine of social reality construction which circulates the ultraparadigm and ultraperspectives in a culture. There is a global hermeneutic circle forming, but it will have to be brought about consciously, due to dereification.

Logos - a metaparadigm; the model of the social construction of reality presented here, which includes ultraparadigms, ultraperspectives, and evolving over time and space.

magick - written like this to separate it from legerdemain.

meme - paradigms and perspectives which can be passed on like genes in the hermeneutic circle.

metaparadigm - a model of the social construction of reality.

metaperspective - a perspective consciously constructed in order to see the social construction of reality, also used unconsciously to see beyond one’s own memes.

nation-state - sub-groups within a culture which have split into competing political entities; imposed on the world by the Europeans, they have become obsolete in the postmodern era.

paradigm - patterns of behavior passed on socially.

perspective - personal patterns of behavior based on the social paradigms.

primitive - simply means first, not meant as derogatory or simple.

reality - for humans, it is a model of the world constructed in the mind through enculturation; also see "ultraparadigm" and "ultraperspective".

reconstructivism - the postmodern use of constructivism to create a dialogue concerning the conscious social reconstruction of reality for a global civilization after the devastation caused by relativism and dereification.

reify - the ability to create our own reality and then forget we have done so; also see "dereification".

relativism - the constructivist awareness that all of the existing cultural realities, or ultraparadigms, are relative to their time and place, thus not the Truth, but only versions of truth; also see "reality".

scientism - awareness of the scientific data concerning the make up of the material world.

scope - the boundary of a reality.

Terra - Terra Mater is a more appropriate name than "Earth" (which is a misnomer), and it is in keeping with the Roman deities.

transsensual - cannot be perceived by the physical senses.

Truth - the seemingly unattainable answer to the question, "What the fuck is going on?"

ultraparadigm - the group’s abstract reality, based on the ultraperspectives of its members; also see "hermeneutic circle".

ultraperspective - an individual’s own reality, based on the ultraparadigm of their culture, also see "hermeneutic circle".



Now comes the need for the radical subversives. If you have looked at the shameful conditions of our planet today, then you understand the need for change, and change starts with each one of us. It may not seem like much, but if you change your individual identity to reflect the Humans of Terra, the alternative reality presented in the Cosmogonicon, instead of your culturally specific reality, then change has already begun. Because, each individual Terran will alter the world slightly, and many Terrans will alter the world more, and a Terran movement can change the world. Remember, there have been many changes in the past and there will be many more as humans evolve over the next million years or so. The maturation of the species is inevitable, and the sooner we accept it, the better.

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