Timetable 11 September 2001 (da qui)

According to different newspapers. all times e.d.t. Most times are reported differently, if there are significant differences/gaps we provide the extremes.
///// Now, half a year after the first appearance of this timetable in the web, severlchanges are necessary which do in no way affect the general topic. But NORAD decided, that UA93 crashed not at 10:10 or 10:06, but at 10:03. And the Washington Post thought, that Bush did not decide the new rules of engagement, here: the shooting at a Boeing,  at 09:40, but only at 09:55. Aug.21, 2002//// All aircraft flying over American airspace are monitored and controlled by a network of 20 regional Federal Aviation Authority air traffic control centres, backed up by individual airport control towers. Military aircraft under NORAD control can/must intervene with domestic traffic only if called on for help by their civilian colleagues or, as it happened in Tampa/Florida, when they learned by monitoring the radio of the FAA that there might be something concerning the military (here: a Cessna stolen by a 15 year old flight student). Although NORAD has its own radar system to track aircraft over the US, its prime task is to watch for hostile aircraft approaching America from outside - and to monitor the own military traffic.
Action/description AA11 (Boeing767) UA175 (Boeing 767) AA77  (Boeing 757) UA93 (Boeing 757)
crashed in WTC- north WTC- south Pentagon Shanksville
leaving airport Boston Logan Boston Logan Wash Dulles Newark NY
destination Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Ohio? San Francisco
passengers/crew/hijackers 76/11/5 51/9/5 53/6/5 34/7/4
start (schedule/fact) 07.59 07.58 08.10/ 08.20 08.01/08.41
signs of hijacking - transponder out 08.14 08.43 08.55 / 09.02 at least 09:20 09.28 ("we have a bomb on board"
- change of direction 08.24/40 08.40/08.46 08.56 and 09.25 09.36
FAA/NORAD informed  O8.20/ 08.40 08.38/ 08.44 08.43 09.24 ?
special. phonecalls Madeline Sweeney . Barbara Olsen different ("fight back")
seen by UA175  as 29.000ft high 08.38 . . .
radar-airspace control Nashua, NH Boston Indianapolis Cleveland
interceptors from OTIS AFB OTIS AFB Langley/Virginia Langley or Toledo
lift off allegedly 08.43/08.53 08.44/08.50 08.43/08.53 09.30 09.30
distance to crashsite 70 miles 70 miles 100 miles ?
Bush informed (allegedly) after 09.00h 09.05/09.10 09.45 (inAF#1) .
reading goat stories from 09.00? till 09.24? . .
Bush orders downing . . . 09.40 or 09:55 (!) presidential order. Allegedly not done ...
crashed 08.45 09.03 09.38/ 09.41 10.03/10.37
special artistic flight skills to hit directly coming down from 29.000 feet in less than 8 minutes the last turn just before the hit- we all could see it to hit the ground floor in the exact middle after decreasing rapidly in a 270.o turn to fly even upside down, especially after loosing one engine, for 7 more miles
special events The FBI has named five hijackers on board Flight 11, whereas Ms Sweeney spotted only four.  Also, the seat numbers she gave were different from those registered in the hijackers' names.  (BBC, 21.09.01) . flight attendant Michele Heidenberger was trained to handle hijackings. several american football players: with suitcases against plastic knives and boxcutters  At 9.58 a passenger called the emergency 911 number from the lavatory of the plane and told them he had  "Heard an explosion" and had "seen white smoke". 
general alert situation 9:18  The Federal Aviation Administration shuts down all aircraft takeoffs nationwide and shuts down all New York City airports. 9:06  Police radio broadcasts "This was a terrorist attack. Notify the Pentagon." Telegraph:Within minutes of the attack American forces around the world were put on one of their highest states of alert - Defcon 3, just two notches short of all-out war - and F-16s from Andrews Air Force Base were in the air over Washington DC. (concerning the time AFTER the impacts) Telegraph:defence officials confirmed that the fighters already  launched from Langley were on their way to intercept the flight when passengers apparently took matters into their own hands. Cape Cod Times: Pentagon officials say they can find no records that the FAA asked the military to intervene. And since Tuesday, the Department of Defense has repeatedly denied persistent rumors that Flight 93 may have been shot down.
FAA shuts down all aircraft takeoffs nationwide and shuts down all New York City airports. 09.18 (20 minutes AFTER hijacking of AA77 and several minutes BEFORE NORAD alarm concerning AA77. One hour AFTER the hijacking of AA11)      
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey orders all bridges and tunnels in the New York area closed.  09.21      
stock exchange closed 09.32      
FAA grounds all flights 09.36      
Bush leaves Florida 09.57      
White House evacuated 10.05      
All international flights rerouted to Canada 10.25      

This timetable is made by time magazine and  reprinted from ///images ///maptime.htm Florida Straits- ABC: the originally planned visit of Bush Supreme Court justices bitterly fought over the 5-4 decision that all but handed the election to Bush. The Democratic Party is set to meet in Miami later this week in an effort to raise more questions about the legitimacy of the 2000 election.